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(Last updated: Sunday, April 19, 2009)

TCF 2011 Home Automation Presentation & Demonstration

Status: I'm currently working on putting together all the hardware, software, and presentation material for my TCF Presentation. I intend to be much better prepared than I was last year. This year I will be doing an actual HA demonstration with Misterhouse on a Plug computer (only uses 4 watts of power).

My todo list

  • Plug computer: up and running
  • Linux: installed
  • Misterhouse: installed (still needs further trimming)
  • ARM Java & Groovy installed
  • Floor Plan (working)
    • Documentation
    • Rooms with title on hover (Works on Firefox, partially unsupported on others)
    • Alternate icons
    • Extended css and html attributes
    • SVG & AJAX version
  • RS232 (FTDI & PL2303: installable modules)
  • X10 & Insteon (in progress.)
    • Lamp
    • Appliance
    • RF
    • Rain 8
    • Insteon EZIO2x4
  • ZigBee (in development)
  • EIO: writting the driver
  • UIO: planning
  • Tweet-A-Watt: parts purchased, needs to be assembled, tested and a driver written
  • Misterhouse modifications: ongoing.
    • User web pages: documented, need to build reasonable examples
    • fix up various code
    • Document development work
    • Documentation: updated wiki pages, need to work on install procedures and tips.
    • Code writting (ongoing)
  • Doll House
    • Built
    • wiring
    • paint
    • furnishings
  • Presentation: planning
    • Previous presentation reviewed
    • Organized
    • Test run on a local user group

My other todo list

The above represents the list of things I need to get done so I can do a proper presentation at TCF in April. This next part is what I want to have but won't let stop my presentation. The following are in no particular order.

  • Linux cross-compile tool (various processors)
    • Compile distribution
    • Compile needed languages (like Perl & Java)
    • Compile needed libraries (like LibUSB)
    • Compile native tools and apps (like POTM)
  • Contiki RTOS - various processors (like the 3 AVR Ravens)
  • My own HA/Linux distribution
  • DollHouse 2.0 (based on Java/Groovy)
  • XBee or Raven wireless demo thermostats (802.15.4)
  • Lutron Linux interface
  • MisterHouse Mobile interface (for Android, iPod Touch and iPhone)
  • MisterHouse JavaScript Floor Plan editor
  • MisterHouse AJAX Plan (like dynamically updating the bottom bar for Temperatures and current mode)

The above represents quite a few man-hours worth of work. It's really hard to appreciate what goes into something like this until you actually do it.

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Table of contents

Author: Neil Cherry



Description: SB-225: Home Automation Demonstration, Neil Cherry, Author/AT&T Research Lab

Abstract: A discussion and demonstration of home automation technology for the DIY ethusiast. The demonstration will consist of Linux, a Plug computer, a doll house and Misterhouse (written in Perl) being used in actual and simulated usage of common home automation tasks.

Bio: Neil Cherry is the author of Wiley's "Linux Smart Homes For Dummies." He has been working with computers, computer electronics, and software since 1978; has been playing with X10 since 1982; and began automating his home in 1992 when a friend gave him an X10 computer interface. Neil started the Linux Home Automation web site in 1996. When he is not riding his bicycle or playing with home automation, he works for AT&T Research Labs as a Test Engineer. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technologies (AAS) and Computer Science (BS)

Further information:
2010 Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) Home Automation presentation by Neil Cherry.

Download: the 2011 Home automation Presentation (PDF - not available until April)